Manufacturing and Production

With 30 years of being the silent partner in your brand's success, we continue to expand the Cosmetic Scientist Lab's production and manufacturing capabilities. We will be happy to manufacturer, fill, label and cap your cosmetics and send them to you next day.

At our UK production facility, we can produce at volume, with a capacity of manufacture up to 500 units per day. Our facility is registered with Sedex and Eco-cert whilst complying with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

cosmetic scientist book shelves
cosmetic scientist book shelves


Although all raw materials are quarantined and inspected upon arrival, we take extra care ensuring the quality of material throughout the entire product. Inspecting the colours, scents and textures of the raw material first, we then take a deeper look. Screening the micro-organism for any traces of contamination is an important foremost part of the production process. If we detect any traces of contamination, should it be suitable we conduct a decontamination procedure to pure the raw material of all contagions. Additional tests such as water content test, viscosity test and vibration tests are all conducted to ensure the raw materials molecular structure is intact and hasn't been comprised in any way.


Once all raw materials have been deemed fit for use, we access our secure datastore where we keep your products formula. Using complex mathematics we calculate a new formula required to being mass manufacturing. Materials and components are then mixed and distributed into the relevant machines. The Mixing & Filling manufacturing process includes dissolution, charging, cooling and filtering with your formulation then filled into the appropriate packaging. We use Krieger pharmaceutical mixing vessels to help. 


As we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality product for our clients, we conduct a further stage of testing and inspection. When we conduct this testing, we're ensuring that our formulations are correct so that all individual products contain the accurate measure of raw materials, therefore, ensuring product validity. Whilst we test the product's compounds, we also inspect the semi-finished product's colour, texture and scent profile. The final step in this stage is to carry out shelf-line testing.


With the newly created product easily passing all required tests and screenings, the bulk is passed to the warehouse and fulfilment team. Cosmetics Lab are aware with "issue" that can occur with some shipment and delivery services so we take extra care to use only the best, most trusted companies. For clients who are producing smaller quantities of products and live locally, we are more than happy for you to come and collect your product if you'd rather.

”We went from having zero online presence to dominating our niche lip gloss range on Google. As a sciencephobe I never thought we could do it, but currently we have over a dozen formulations and our sales are growing.”

Nicollas Ductorn
Director of Corporate MarketingForge Inc.

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Cosmetic Scientist ready to start your Formulation
Cosmetic Scientist ready to start your Formulation