Branding and Packaging

We have always worked around Cosmetic Raw Matterials that we have ahd questions about. If we had not been given the Toxicology data then we have not used the data. We have been one of the major companies to have been involved in the Cradle to Cradle cosmetic evaluation in all aspects of the Cosmetics and Personal Care industry.

cosmetic scientist book shelves
cosmetic scientist book shelves


Our mission at Cosmetic Scientist Labs is to be the silent partner in your brand’s success. What makes us different from our competitors is one key thing. In addition to offering the manufacturing capabilities to produce your product, we also offer brand consultancy in a variety of areas. Our diverse specialist team has the knowledge and experience to help you take your business to the next level. At Cosmetics Lab we have the ability to tap into extremely valuable resources that can help develop every sector of your business.

+ Branding
+ Website Building
+ Sales & Marketing development
+ Introductions to key partners
+ Product Design
+ Finance & Pricing
+ More


We also have over 30 years worth of experience and relationships with all the leading packaging suppliers, allow you to present your products in the way that best speaks of your brand. Our vast range includes different styles, materials, eco-credentials:

+ Branded boxes
+ Bottles
+ Dispensers
+ Eco-Packaging
+ Inserts
+ Labelling
+ Plastic, Glass, Recyclable
+ Pots
+ Tubes
+ And many more.

”We went from having zero online presence to dominating our niche lip gloss range on Google. As a sciencephobe I never thought we could do it, but currently we have over a dozen formulations and our sales are growing.”

Nicollas Ductorn
Director of Corporate MarketingForge Inc.

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People don't buy goods and services. They buy solutions and ideas for updating their Formulations or starting a fresh.

Cosmetic Scientist ready to start your Formulation
Cosmetic Scientist ready to start your Formulation