Aromatherapy Product Manufacturing

We have always worked around Cosmetic Raw Matterials that we have ahd questions about. If we had not been given the Toxicology data then we have not used the data. We have been one of the major companies to have been involved in the Cradle to Cradle cosmetic evaluation in all aspects of the Cosmetics and Personal Care industry.

cosmetic scientist book shelves
cosmetic scientist book shelves

Aromatic and Fragrance Manufacturers

When it comes to Aromatics the following list is products we can manufacture.

Fragrance Oils


Room Sprays

Aromatherapy Oils


Home Fragrance


Of course! We've made some of the most expensive fragrances which have gone on to be sold in Harrods, and some of the most popular everyday fragrances and aromatic products that you might find in Boots or Superdrug. 

We're can cater to both smaller and larger businesses. At our UK manufacturing facility, we can produce at volume, with a capacity to manufacture up to 100,000 units per day. You can read more about the process on our manufacturing and production page.


We’re proud to have worked with reputable and big-name brands, from high-end exclusives to high street champions. For example, we've worked with Medeau, The Perfume Story, and Bassam. We have made fragrances for a range of purposes, such as oils for candles and diffusers, perfumes for personal hygiene and aromatherapy oils for spas.

You can see more brands on our brand library page. 

Additionally, we highly value sustainability. Many of these brands choose to work with us knowing that we’re able to provide an ethically sourced product with minimal negative impacts on the environment. Many of our clients choose to return to work with us again due to our crystal clear communication, commitment to sustainability and drive to create the highest quality products.


We’ve created a dedicated process page to give you clarity and transparency on the process. Cosmetic Labs may be the silent partner in your business, but we will work with you the whole way. Alongside being able to offer products ranging from haircare, skincare, cosmetics, oils, fragrance and more – we can also offer to manufacture your product as a white-label manufacturer or a private label manufacturer. If you’re not too sure about the difference, we’ve made a blog explaining it so you can decide what is right for you.

”We went from having zero online presence to dominating our niche lip gloss range on Google. As a sciencephobe I never thought we could do it, but currently we have over a dozen formulations and our sales are growing.”

Nicollas Ductorn
Director of Corporate MarketingForge Inc.

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Cosmetic Scientist ready to start your Formulation
Cosmetic Scientist ready to start your Formulation